About Whisky

The distillation of whisky dates back to the 15th Century in Scotland. People are often overwhelmed by the different styles and types of whisky, but in fact, with some basic knowledge you can take your experience and discovery of whisky to new heights. Here are is a basic introduction to this beautiful golden spirit:


Whisky is primarily made from grain or malt, which are combined in various ways to give you the following whisky types:

Single Malt: single malt is distilled at an individual distillery and produced only from malted barley. single malts may include whisky from several years’ production, as long as it is from the same distillery.

Blended Malts: blended malts, are produced by combining various malt whiskies from several distilleries.

Grain Whisky: grain whisky is produced using continues distillation process. malted and un- malted cereals, which are cooked under steam pressure, are used and the resulting spirit is of a higher strength and therefore matures faster than a malt whisky.

Blended Whisky: is created from both single malts and grain whisky. blended whiskies are the perfect introduction to drinking whisky.

Cask Strength: whisky sold at the strength taken from the cask, normally contains about 60% alcohol per volume.

Single Cask: is a whisky from one cask or barrel.

There are also multiple countries that produce whisky including America (Bourbon & Tennessee), Ireland, Canada, Sweden, Wales, Japan and even our own South Africa!

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