Single Malt


The Lowlands region, which is situated below an imaginary line linking the Clyde and Tay River, which produces whisky in large industrial stills, which are more than often lighter and releases less intense flavours than the Highlands. The few distilleries that are left produce malts, which are lighter and less smoky. Usually enjoyed as an aperitif.

Typical Characteristics: light, soft spiciness, lemon grass and overall ‘oaky’ dryness.


3 wood – apricot and dates on the nose, great interplay of flavours on the palate long finish, best with little or no water

12 years – smooth, fresh and nutty with a golden honey appearance. crème brûlée nose, with a burst of citrus and the signature nuttiness and green leafiness of auchentoshan


1983 – 21 years- 50 % vol alc, old malt cask, rich, sweet and syrupy. lightly smoked and attractively fruity finish


12 years – a light fruit cake nose, floral, citrusy palate with a touch of oak

1992 distillers edition -great balance of fruity notes, delicate spiciness on the palate


22 years – 50% vol alc, old malt cask, sweet spices, full flavoursome finish with fruity undertone. amazing lowland malt.


This region stretches from Pulteney in the northeast, to Oban in the west and to Tullibardine in the south. Each whisky is different from its neighbours and the different characteristics are owed to the topography and water supply. Highland distillers often experiment by maturing their malt whisky in different barrels that have been used to first age sherry or port wines. They are usually well balanced and pick up intensity with age.

Typical Characteristics: firm, malty sweetness, slightly oily, light peat and overall smoothness.


1989 vintage – raisins and fruit with rich spiciness

2000 vintage – sweet honey and floral notes, hints of coconut and rich spices


1990 – 14 years, 50% vol- fruit, malt, spice, barley sugar finish


30 years- toffee notes, dried fruits, peppery, olive oil, dry finish

25 years, 7th edition – hints of peat and orange with almonds and spice


14 years – dry, firm & herbal 66 1992 distillers edition – double matured, oloroso seco casks, balanced spicy fruit


19 years – cask strength 55.7%, warm and complex


12 years – rich bitterness and long finish

21 years – rich, dark chocolate, fruit & nuts, fairly firm oak frame


15 years – dry, light & very smooth finish

EDRADOUR (Smallest distillery in Scotland)

madeira wood 1996 – 12 years cask strength 56% vol

port wood 1996 – 12 years cask strength 57% vol

rum – 12 years cask strength 57.5% vol


26 years – cask strength 54.8%. very aromatic. peppery and smooth with a sweet and slightly buttery palate. coffee flavours remain

355 1968 cc – great aromas, sweet palate, beautiful long finish 180 1978 – private bottling, very balanced, slightly buttery, medium to long finish


1991 – 16 years, single, full and rich, malty sweetness, long lingering finish


15 years – rich perfumy taste; starts malty but becomes drier with a spicy finish

21 years – medium, smoky & round finish


1983 – peppery, malty with spicy soft finish


10 years – crisp green apples, grassy, malty finish

17 years – cocoa, hot butter, creamy, delicate fruity finish


10 years – delicate, light body, clean and crisp finish


original 10 years – burst of citrus, honey, vanilla with an almond finish

lasanta sherry cask – warm and nutty, rich spice with a hint of sherry

quinta ruban port cask – sweet spice, mandarins, fruit cake

nectar d ‘òr – citrus and honey, spicy sweetness, long finish

18 years – dried fruit and nuts, rich vanilla bouquet, creamy honey finish

signet – uses chocolate malted barley. delicious lingering coffee and orange marmalade tones. best enjoyed neat and an excellent after dinner dram


12 year – full body, soft sweet maltiness with spicy peat

25 year – cask strength 58.3% alc. vol, peat with delicious arrays of fruits. a truly wonderful cask strength whisky


1990 – 16 years, 50% vol alc, old malt cask, floral nose, smooth, sweetly spiced finish


15 years – sweet, light & peppery


30 years – citrus and dusty

1973 – herbal with a touch of dryness. sweet finish


14 years – rich, smooth & smoky finish


1961 – sherry and ginger nut biscuits on the nose, vanilla, touch of smoke, smooth on the palate, medley of dried fruits, long finish


12 years – smooth, smoky & restrained fruitiness, dry with a sweet finish

select reserve – great balance of sherry, peat and malt. ginger cake, spicy notes, luscious and smoky finish


1992 – refreshing citrus nose. light hint of liquorice and toffee. medium-dry with fruity and spicy notes

1993 – excellent introduction to the delights of single malt whisky. Ideal as an aperitif or session malt


Speyside is a region situated within the Highlands. With the abundant supplies of water, barley and peat, this region is ideal for distilling whisky. Nearly half of Scottish whiskies are produced in the Speyside. The finishing taste is often spicy and complex. The barley is malted with very little peat therefore the whisky has little smoky flavours and aromas.

Typical Characteristics: medium body, spicy and overall smoothness


10 years – soft, smooth & sweet

16 years – vanilla, peaches & dried apricots, spice finish 98 18 years – very smooth, filled with spices and sweetness


8 years – light malty, sweetness & hint of sherry


12 years fauna & flora – dried fruit, beeswax, soft finish 150 1972 connoisseurs choice – firm & delicate


12 years double wood – medium, rich and fruity 60 15 years – vanilla honeyed sweetness, dry oaky finish

17 years madeira cask – finished in madeira wine casks for a delicious combination of sweetness, spice and dry oak

21 years – rich and silky, honey and nutty notesshowing dark chocolate and port


10 years curiositas – peat combined with fruits and floral notes, bitter sweet with oaky finish

12 years- peated, finished in dark rum wood, light gold in colour, smokiness, infusion of sultanas and rum

12 years – finished in pedro ximinez sherry wood barrels, sweet peat and smoky kippers

12 years – classic, honey floral nose, mid-amber colour, rounded to full-bodied, vanilla and spice

1991 – 15 years, 46%vol alc, butterscotch, hazelnuts, finished in rich madeira wood barrels

1991 – 15 years, 46%vol alc, toffee, apricots, chocolate, finished in dark rum wood barrels

1991 – 15 years, 46% vol alc, cream, honey infused with dark chocolate, finished in pedro ximinez sherry wood

16 years – rounded, rich honey, spices, toffee and apples

21 years’ autheticus’ – rich peat, oak-wood, raisins and spices

1982 – cask strength 62.9%, light, flowery & dusty


17 years – creamy, oily & touch of sherry

1970 connoisseurs choice – smoky & sherry finish


19 years – dusty, light & very mello

20 years – honey, soft & smoky


1968 connoisseurs choice – fruity & smoky

1980 connoisseurs choice – smoky, smooth & dried fruits


12 years – vanilla, light, smooth, hint of peat on the finish

8 years – rare bottle, vanilla, malty, light & smooth


1969 connoisseurs choice – malty sweetness & spicy


12 years – medium, delicate & smooth

1976 – cask strength 55.8%, medium, smooth, complex flavours

1993 distillers edition – finished in port wine casks, this is a superb Cragganmore which is sure not to disappoint


1974 connoisseur’s choice – sherry with some caramel, cooked apple and ale


21 years – cask strength 59.9%, medium & flowery


1962 – cask strength 52.2%, medium, smooth & sherry finish


1976 – 28 years, 50 vol alc old malt cask, citrus notes, intense barley, hints of white chocolate


1979 – medium, oily & smoky finish

glenlivet 8 years – smoky, orange marmalade taste, very complex finish


30 years connoisseurs choice – oily & slightly spicy

1966 – cask strength 61.2%, oily, smooth & slightly spicy


8 years – flowery and fruity notes with some hints of wood

12 years traditional – medium to full bodied and smooth

12 years original – buttery, toffee, hints of sweet peat

15 years – toffee and orange on the nose, chewy, coffee on the palate

18 years – matured in a olorosso sherry cask, fruit compote on the nose, all-spice and walnut bread on the palate


12 years – soft, sweet and mellow

16 years – natural cask strength, notes of winter fruit compote and vanilla fudge, excellent balance between the sweet and spicy notes


25 years – stewed fruit, sweet spices

12 years – fresh honey, becoming spicy-well balanced

17 years – clean and rich, stewed fruits with a long spicy finish

21 years – deep sherry, buttery, finishing with warm spices

cask 105 – 60% alc, rich, spiciness, hint of oak and sherried fruit, excellent smooth cask strength whisky


12 years special reserve- light, smooth and dry

15 years solera reserve – light, smooth and hint of chocolate

18 years ancient reserve – soft and rich, slightly peppery

18 years excellence – best glenfiddich by far. complex, perfect balance between sweet sherry tones and oak

21 years – rich, indulgent balance of rich toffee and new leather, finished in rum casks

21 years wedge wood – full bodied, complex and dried fruits

30 years – sherry, hint of chocolate and soft

40 years – only 600 bottles of this unique single malt ever produced. beeswax and burnt heather on the nose. oily, peaty with a hint of bitter  chocolate on the palate

50 years –  only 500 bottles of this rare single malt ever produced. has developed a full body over time without excessive oakiness. light chocolate and citrus flavours. definitely the prime whisky of our collection


pure malt – light and easy on palate

25 years – mellow and crispy

1950 – oily, herbal and fruity with medium finish

1952 – citrus, soft and very mellow

1990 – 14 years, silky and sweet with sweet malty and almond milk notes


10 years – lemons, ginger, medium sweetness with firm peat

22 years celebration – light and ginger notes

25 years – light, notes of vanilla, great balance


12 years – light, smooth and sweet finish

15 years – slightly sweet and fruity with vanilla, long and warm finish

16 years – nadurra (cask strength), gentle with rich sultana cake and baked fruits

18 years – vanilla, spicy and smooth finish

21 years archive – medium, smooth and nutty finish

1961 – flowery and citrus

25 years – exotic wood and crème brûlèe, cinnamon, dark chocolate, silky palate


10 years – soft, spicy and peppery finish


12 years – smooth and dry

16 years – smooth, firm and toffee finish

pure malt – light, delicate and excellent speyside treat 25


19 years – cask strength 58.2%, rich & robust


select reserve – hint of spice, vanilla, ripe fruits, and citrus finish

1957 – a rare gem with honey, white pepper, vanilla, sherry, apples and caramel

1975 – 31 years, vanilla, nuts and fruits, great length with hints of grapefruit

1987 – rich and sweet with a sour note on the finish. pleasant and warming

1989 – 15 years, omc – toffee, raisins, hint of smoke with a rich and fruity finish

vintage 1995 – rich, sweet, soft fruit flavours with rich spiciness

vintage 1998 – soft, mature, sweet vanilla with a hint of cinnamon


15 years – dry, smooth & malty finish

1991 – juicy peel, sultanas and creamy vanilla fudge on the palate


12 years – fragrant, floral, rose-like, spicy and aromatic

26 years – cask strength 56.1%. mellow and fresh, toasted biscuits, lightly floral. unmistakeably speyside. nutty, flaked almonds. smooth and extraordinary length

30 years – fragrant nose, crème brûlée, floral spicy finish


12 years – medium, light, dryness & salty finish


1987 – 18 years, 50% vol alc, old malt cask, rich and fruity with honeyed aromas, finish is long, honeyed and heavenly

provenance 12 years – sherry, fruity aromas with a delicate sweetness and nutty elements

16 years – raisin, custard & chocolate, long spicy finish

1963 – rich, fruity, cloves, great balance


10 year fine oak – complex, heather and honey, very well balanced oak and fruit, excellent light malt

12 years – rich, fruity & with a smooth sherry finish

15 year fine oak – orange peel and ripe melon, honey, nutty oak, cooked orchard, fruits superb balance

18 years – pineapples, bees wax, and citrus, fruity finish

1874 replica – medium, smooth & lightly peaty

25 years – fine oak – cloves and tobacco notes, hints of spice and toffee, creamy elegant finish


12 years – fruity raisin note, spicy, floral fresh cut grass notes

15 years – spicy, dark chocolate & with a lingering finish

1967 – 32 years. mackillop’s choice – complex, bitter sweet taste with lingering christmas cake flavours


1975 connoisseurs choice – medium smoky and malty


1979 – 17 years medium bodied

Islay Malt

The island of Islay is situated on the west coast of Scotland, off the Mull of Kintyre. Being isolated and having a ready source of peat fuel, unlimited water and local barley, Islay is the ideal place to distil whisky. All distilleries on Islay are built close to the sea so the whisky could be transported easily to the mainland.

Typical characteristics: Islay whiskies are known for their peatiness and pungent aromas.


10 years – firm, salty & robust finish

1975 – peaty, smoky, equally matched by sweet, oaky, vanilla’d nuances

1990 airigh nam beist – creamy, smoky mild, wood smoke with a note of fennel, pine nuts and citrus


8 year – single and single, fresh, peat, sweet smoke and vanilla, vigour and panache on the finish

darkest – rich with smoke, toffee sweetness with a lingering finish

tempest 10 year – citrus fruits and barley sugar backed by subtle peat

1984 cask strength – soft fruit and chocolate balanced with a light smokiness

12 years – sherry sweetness, spicy, heathery with a hint of seaweed

15 year old darkest – coffee nose, fig rolls and ice cream, creamy texture, rich malt with a hint of smoke

17 years- smokey finish with apple. has slight medicinal Islay character on the nose. rounded and firm with a touch of spice

18 years-complex, soft fruit, chocolate balanced with a light smoky note


bruichladdich rocks – finished in grenache wine casks. superbly balanced with just enough peat

14 years links 46% – a links course is considered the most natural form of golf course. mint, orange zest and long peat

15 years decanter bottle – extremely smooth, spicy and peaty


12 years – starts with light fruits and nuts, with a rich warm and lingering finish

18 years – rich creamy toffee, baked apples, buttered toast on the finish

25 years – coconut, vanilla ice cream, with dark chocolate

1976 sherry cask – 31 years, light sweetness with an intriguing floral perfume on the long finish


12 years – peaty, herbal & sweet finish

14 years – provenance bottling, excellent smoke to sweet

cask strength special release – sweet toffee & slightly peaty

1989 – 10 years. mackillop’s choice. lightly oily with a big peppery finish


2010 summer – vanilla, creamy citrus notes and a touch of plump ripe raisins

2010 winter – smoky peat with butterscotch and caramel sweetness with soft hints of roasted, salted nuts

sherry cask single malt – light and sweet with hints of coffee and sultanas, and clear notes of peat


16 years – dry, salty and complex flavours

12 years – intensely peaty, marine characters and fragrant smoke balanced by sufficient sweetness


10 years – medium bodied, salty and oily

quarter cask – holds balance between peat and oak with a touch of the famous medicinal notes – one for the peat fans!

18 years – multi-layered smokiness, flightier sweet notes, earthy peat ingrained with salt and leather. relentlessly first class!

40 years 1960 – “mind-blowing, a malt that defies all logic & theory to be in this kind of shape for its enormous age; the Jane Fonda of Islay Whisky” Jim Murray


23 years provenance – oak keeps a spicy grip on the fruit. dry and almond finish

25 years OMC – classic Port Ellen flavours, easy on the palate


1978 – 13 years, 59,6% vol scotch malt whisky society special bottling


10 years – bourbon cask 46%, robust, smoky & powerful

10 years sherry cask – sherry notes compliment this delicious dram


7 years damhile – organic 46%, sweet & malty

10 years – powerful, intense clean sweetness of coconut, toffee and apple with a hint of smoke

12 years – sweet, fragrant and smoky


12 years – touch of dryness, smoky and smooth

18 years – heather-honey, fresh oak, peat, smoky fragrance, voted best spirit in the world in 2008

25 years – vanilla, white chocolate, spiced flavour with an intense finish, hint of peat


non-chill filtered – pear, honey spicy final note

10 years – full bodied, malty, toffee, with soft long finish

st emillion cask finish – 50% alc vol, hints of plum jam, toasted oak, long finish

madeira cask – rich fruit cake, marmalade on toast, full-bodied and incredibly smooth


10 years – light, oily and salty finish

16 years – earthy & forest floor on the nose, coriander, orange and buttered scone on the palate, salty finish


10 years – classic six, full bodied, smoky & peppery finish