Johnnie Walker Green Label – Q&A with Simtholile Mnisi

As most of you know, Johnnie Walker has brought back their formidable Green Label variant. I caught up with their Reserve Portfolio Brand Ambassador, Simtholile Mnisi, to establish the reasons for the come-back, as well as if we can expect it to live up to its predecessor.

W&G: Why did Johnnie Walker decide to bring Green Label back?

 SM: We listened to our customers and consumers and we are responding to popular demand to bring it back into our core range. Johnnie Walker Green Label has always had a following and releasing limited volumes of it in the US and Australia this year to mark the tenth anniversary of its first introduction has revealed how much consumers have missed Johnnie Walker Green Label and want to see it back. We’re thrilled to be able to respond to that.

W&G: Green Label has long been considered Johnnie Walkers best blends by whisky aficionados, which resulted in it becoming a collector’s item when it was discontinued. This drove prices up, so is the original Green Label still worth what collectors think it is?

SM: With Johnnie Walker Green coming back on the market at almost the original price, everyone is very relieved that they can now afford it. It was only a handful of people that could afford and were willing to spend thousands on the old bottle when it was being discontinued. A lot of critics say having the old packaging still puts you at an advantage, I tend to disagree. Most of the Johnnie Walker range has new packaging and the old bottles seem to have been forgotten. If you buy whisky for collection purposes, It would make sense that you have both the old and the new, however if you just want to enjoy the liquid, it doesn’t really matter whether you have the old or new bottle. It’ll still taste just as great!

Simtholile Mnisi

Simtholile Mnisi


W&G: Following on from my previous question, is the ‘new’ Green Label exactly like the old, or are there variations in the blends used, and therefore tasting notes?

SM: We have never stopped production of Johnnie Walker Green Label. What is being crafted and bottled now is exactly the same as what is sold in Taiwan and what was marketed globally up until 2012

W&G: What is Green Label’s role in the portfolio, considering the Gold was brought in to replace it?

SM: The Green Label occupies a unique place in the Johnnie Walker core range as a blended malt Scotch whisky, with a distinctive character derived from mature casks from classic malt distilleries. Johnnie Walker Green Label sits between Johnnie Walker Double Black and Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve, with a recommended retail price R649. 95 for a bottle.

I’d like to thank Simtholile and Johnnie Walker for their time and the interview. I look forward to tasting and reviewing the “new” Green Label in the near future

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