Why Whisky & Ginger

So, whisky is an old man’s drink, right? Wrong! It’s one of the largest selling spirits in the world and in the last decade supply is being rapidly outstripped by demand. From┬ácelebrities, to first time drinkers, whisky seems to be the spirit of choice. With such a wide variety of whiskies to choose from, the journey never stops.

Me? I’m a 30 year old guy who’s passion for whisky started back in 2003 when I bought a bottle of that infamous green bottled Irish Whiskey- Jamesons. Since then I’ve had the privilege of over-indulging in some of the world’s best whiskies.

You? Can be anyone or anything, just give me the opportunity to share my whisky experiences with you, or share yours with me!

Other than being passionate about whisky, I’m a petrol head, traveller, business lover, and design junkie.

Let’s rock ‘n roll!